About Paint Awake™


Paint Awake™ offers a variety of art-based workshops, private sessions, retreats, and classes, all of which are based around creativity coaching and making art from intuition.  Our offerings serve people on many levels, from building creative confidence, to experiencing emotional release and personal growth. Participants leave the studio with an renewed sense of aliveness and a stronger sense of self.


Participants are taught how to access the "zone", tap their creative side at will, let go of control and analysis, quiet the inner critic, and express their unique visual voice spontaneously and without judgment. To access and fully trust our creative intuition, we focus on:

  • Finding Your Bliss in the Zone

  • Letting Go of Control and Trusting Your Intuition

  • Turning Comparison into Celebration

  • Creating Freely Without Judgement

Each session is brimming with inspirational guidance, creativity coaching, meditation and visioning techniques, with plenty of time for hands-on art-making. Participants learn to to quiet their inner critic and enjoy the process. Here's what they've said:

  • Boost creativity: "These classes unlock something that makes my creative writing more accessible.” – Jill A.

  • Awaken inspiration: "After leaving, I was totally inspired. My creative side exploded and I'm going to the art supply store today!" - Jacque M.

  • Strengthen intuition: “I’m not afraid of paint and canvas anymore. I can just let go and absolutely be in the flow of it.” – Ann H.

  • Let Go of Control: "Each time I go, something else in me loosens." – J.H.

  • Access inner wisdom: "PYGO allowed me to find the "Real Penny" again." - Penny T.