Preparation for Our Time Together in Montisi, Italy!

Hello and Warm Welcome,

It is an absolute joy to share the upcoming Paint Awake™ retreat in Tuscany with each of you!

In addition to our time spent meandering through majestic scenery, enjoying gourmet meals, and tasting wonderful wines, we will each escape into the world of intuitive art-making and explore our colorful inner landscapes. The experience will deepen our connections to ourselves, our creativity, and each other. 

As you prepare for your trip, please know you can reach out at any point to ask questions or seek advice. Simply call (US: 505 695 1375 or Italy: 0039 347 687 7062) or email (montine@paintawake) as you prefer.

There are quite of few things to consider for your journey.  Please read this document carefully and complete the form at the end. Your answers will help us make your stay all the more pleasant. This guide to getting the most out of a Paint Awake™ and is based on my 15 years of experience, leading both individuals and groups through the process.

The notes included here will ensure the best possible comfort,  safety, and outcome for each of you as well as and the group.

Getting Here:

The retreat takes place at Colombiao di Momo, a renovated 17th Century Farmhouse in Montisi, in the province of Siena.



If you wish to drive or hire a car, Montisi is a short distance from Rome, Florence, Pisa or surrounding towns:

+ Florence: 1 ½ hours away
+ Rome: 2 hours away
+ Siena: 45 minutes away

Pickups from the Florence Santa Maria Novella train station or the Chiusi train station the start day and again on the end day of the retreat are included in your retreat fees.  Pick up times are as follow:

+ Florence Main Train Station (Santa Maria Novella), 1:30PM
+ Chiusi Train Station, 3:30PM

If you require alternate location pickup from Rome, Florence, or Pisa, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Prices are listed below for transport:

  • Pisa or Rome (125 Euros each way, 55 Euro per each additional person)
  • Florence, other than train station (55 Euros each way; 35 Euro per each additional person)


The house has four large common areas downstairs, each with French doors opening onto the garden and wide views of the soft hills. There is a large entry room which we will use for painting with a full bath attached and stairs up to the second floor. The living area has a high-efficiency wood stove set in the hooded fireplace, with comfortable banquettes to both sides. Five steps lead down to the kitchen, with ample travertine counters, counter- top cooker, dishwasher and yet more views out of the two large windows.

Upstairs is the original living area of the house. Off of the stair landing is the first bedroom and also a full bathroom. The bedroom can be set up with a double bed or two singles. The original kitchen, where the farm families did all their cooking in a large hooded fireplace, has been converted to an upstairs sitting room. On this floor, there are 3 full bathrooms, 3 fully private bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms which have shared access.

Onsite you will have access to limited wifi, a washing machine and line dry, and a phone for local calls.  There is limited cell service in the countryside, so please let your loved ones know calls will likely be infrequent.

Rooms are assigned according to registration preferences.


You are invited to think of this retreat as an inner vision quest and a timeout from your everyday life.  Please consider the following:

  1. Being in your natural state as you paint enhances your process. Limiting substances such as caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, and/or nicotine in advance of and during the workshop will benefit your experience.
  2. Be mindful of what’s coming up for you before the workshop - - you may begin to feel excited, have interesting dreams,  or even feel a little nervous in the weeks prior. Take note of your feelings and expectations about the retreat. 
  3. If you do start to feel any anxiety or resistance, please know that this is normal.  Allow yourself to experiment with meditation or exercise to help quiet your mind.
  4. Take care of all of business, home, family, childcare, pet care before you arriving. Subject to reality, prepare to turn off your cell phone. Advise loved ones they will not hear from you during our retreat. This one eally pays off for your experience.
  5. Be sure no one is expecting you to come home with a painting to share.  You may decide to burn it ceremoniously after all - - or it may become more personal than you wish to share.  Either way, it is important to be free of any performance expectations.
  6. Bring comfy clothes and/or smock to paint in. Don’t wear anything that you would not want to get paint on. Some people stay in their old sweats during the retreat.
  7. Bring any meaningful object, photo, or item to place in our painting circle.
  8. All art materials are supplied, but occasionally people like to bring their own paintbrushes. If so, bring round watercolor brushes that come to a point and put an identifying mark on your brushes.
  9. Be mindful that you do not wear perfumes, scented lotions, aftershave, etc., as some people are allergic.
  10. Intuitive Process Painting is designed to facilitate the personal, creative, and spiritual growth of people who are physically, mentally, and emotionally well. It is not intended to serve as a treatment for any type of physical or mental illness. Paint Awake™ is not a substitute for counseling, psychological therapy, or a drug and alcohol treatment program.

Rules & Requests:

  • Safety must be our highest priority during the retreat. Please let the facilitator, a staff member, or an assistant know if you need any assistance or support.
  • Quiet hours are from 11PM-7:30AM. Please respect the experience of others.
  • The retreat farmhouse is a drug-free and smoke free environment.  Please do not over-drink.
  • Please do not play music or media in the upstairs rooms without asking permission of others.
  • Please do not expect to create business connections, gain clientele, or have networking goals for this experience.  Coming with an agenda can sully the experience for others, limit your own authentic journey,  and lead to less trust among the group.
  • People who are not participating in the retreat or assisting the retreat are not allowed on the grounds.


Please complete reading the primer before the retreat begins so that you and all the other participants are starting from the basis of understanding. It can also help with any "art-making jitters" that may arise : )   Find the Paint Awake™ primer here:

Paint Awake™ Primer

Our Schedule

A copy of our daily schedule - of course these times subject to change as the group finds its preferred rhythm: 

6-day Schedule

Packing for the Retreat:

Items already onsite:

  • hairdryers
  • washing machine
  • yoga mats
  • towels
  • linens
  • reading lights
  • flashlights
  • healthy snacks
  • food including: water, coffee, tea, snacks, all meals

Consider bringing:

  • layers for variable weather:
    • a rain/wind jacket
    • sweater
    • scarf
    • hat
    • sunglasses
    • short and long sleeves
    • short and long pants or skirt
  • other clothing items:
    • clothes for stretching or yoga poses
    • comfy clothes for painting
    • walking/hiking shoes (comfortable tennis shoes are fine)
    • flip flops
    • sun hat
    • small umbrella
    • a celebratory outfit for wine tasting/dinner night
  • special items:
    • a journal for your thoughts
    • a special pen or pencil to write with (optional)
    • a token of meaning from home (a photo, a locket, a reminder of a goal or loved one) to put in our circle
  • self-care:
    • allergy medications (if sensitive)
    • ear plugs
    • eye mask

What You Won't Need:

  • books (onsite there are over 100 to choose from ;)
  • super dressy outfits
  • high heels
  • perfume
  • stress or worries

Finalizing Payment:

Final payments are due as listed on the billing page before the retreat start date and may be made by credit card or by using Chase Pay.  You may remit your payment as you prefer and you will receive an invoice with your personal total due and payment instructions.


Please complete the form below so we have all the info we need to accommodate you as best possible.

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Please include your airline, flight numbers, arrival city, and day of departure.
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