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Let it Go & Flow: Lake Worth, FL


Intuition Painting Workshop **

Saturday Sept. 30th: 9:30AM-4:30PM
Sunday Oct 1st: : 9:30AM-4:30PM

Location: Provided upon registration

Let it Go & Flow!

This fall get colorful in your quest for larger-than-life experiences, while growing your creative side and honoring your need for self-care. Through Intuition Painting you can learn to release stress and express yourself fully and freely.

Intuition Painting : Lake Worth

Free Your Muse

Tap into your creative intuition and discover your unique visual voice. Your paintings become symbolic stories, offering insights about your inner life and connection to your intuitive wisdom.           Intuition painting delivers profound personal and artistic breakthroughs.

Our time together will be unlike anything you have ever experienced, growing your creative confidence and strengthening your sense of self.  Benefits extend well beyond the studio, as you discover how following intuition brings more passion and flow to other parts of your life.         

Intuition Painting benefits:     
+ Strengthening Intuition   
+ Tap Creative Genius
+ Stop negative self-talk
+ Facilitate personal breakthroughs
+ Befriend your inner critic
+ Get beyond stuck
+ Access spontaneous creativity
+ Understand the symbols that appear
+ Decode messages from your unconscious    

Intuition Painting is for everyone. No previous art training is expected or required.  Unlike art classes you may have experienced, we will focus solely on the process, not the product. This allows you to sidestep judgment, staying present and playful in each moment.  Intuition Painting becomes like dreaming - images and colors bubble up, expand, take shape, and morph - without any preconceived expectations.


In this workshop you will be abundantly supported by Master Intuition Painting facilitators Montine Blank of Paint Awake and Elise Crohn of Juicy Creatives Studio, with 37 years combined experience.         

*This workshop fulfills prerequisite requirements for the Intuition Painting Facilitator Training, Spring 2018.

What is Offered

Intuitive Process Painting workshops include:

  • Introduction to Methodology
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Inspiration & Guidance
  • Intention Setting
  • Basic Instruction
  • Plenty of time to Paint
  • Connecting & Sharing
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Insight Writing
  • Symbol Meanings
Weekend Workshop:
(Deposit Only)
Pay Deposit

Pricing: **
All Supplies included. Bring your own lunch & snacks.

  • $295 per person
  • $500 for 2 people
    (Offer valid if at least one person is a first-time participant.)
  • $75 Deposit

Payment & Refund Policy:

  • Remainder will be billed separately.
  • Deposit (nonrefundable) is $75.
  • Full payment due 60 days prior to start.
  • In the last 30 days prior to the start date, there are no refunds.

** This workshop fulfills prerequisite requirements for the Intuition Painting Facilitator Training beginning spring 2018.