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Intuition Painting® Personal Immersion

Intuition Painting® Immersive Course:
Creative Awakening & Personal Development

(Prerequisite for Facilitator Training)

Do you want to experience a deeply alchemical creative process that ignites your passions, empowers your authentic self, and transforms your life?

Imagine discovering your unique visual voice, and cultivating the practice of authentic expression for mindfulness, self-care, and growth. Envision learning of a hidden path to higher consciousness, emotional freedom, and personal inspiration.

This was fantastic. All I could ask for is more of it.
— Participant, 2018 IFPC

intuition painting immersion course

Who does the Intuition Painting® Serve?

People from many different walks of life, professional fields and levels of art experience can benefit from and utilize the unique process of Intuition Painting®.  Whether you join the course primarily for professional or personal goals, your life will be transformed and enlivened by this extraordinary creative process. 

Are you experiencing a life transition?
Many people find transitions in life to be the perfect time to realign with their long lost muse. Intuition Painting® can be a powerful segue to a new life path and career that combines your love of creativity with your desire to align with your own passion and purpose.  You can learn how to use the Intuition Painting® process to burn through stagnant energy, stale ideas, and “ruts” of living that are ready to be released. As your being fills with fresh creative energy and your mind opens to bright clarity you will learn all the nuts and bolts of creating a safe sacred space for your own creative work and to teach others.

Are you looking for new tools for spiritual growth?
Intuition Painting® will teach you how creating art as a meditation can lead to mindfulness, self awareness, and personal transcendence. For some, this approach becomes the preferred means to manage the ego and heal wounds of the soul that otherwise cloud one's perspective on their spiritual path. Intuition Painting® can be organized and facilitated as a means of spiritual practice used by spiritual directors, clergy, and lay people for their own self care as well as for their congregations.

Are you a personal development warrior?
Recovering your natural creative imagination offers a new frontier in healing and personal evolution, and some say the most rewarding journey of all. Beyond finding and fixing faults, beyond perfection, beyond becoming “better” is a vast land of authentic, genuine self expression where the true wonder of being a human being is explored and appreciated. If you are ready for this unlimited journey – this course may be right for you.

I would urge someone to do this if they are curious and open to alternative methods of soul searching and discovery, both in themselves and in others.
— Participant, 2018 IPFC

About the Course:

Master Intuition Painting® Facilitator Montine Blank, with 20 years Intuition Painting® experience is offering a one-of-a-kind, deeply experiential, intensive course for those people who want to dive into the principles and process of Intuition Painting® for a profound awakening.

Space is limited to 16 participants. This course serves as a prerequisite for Facilitator Training.


  • 100+ hours of Intuition Painting® immersion

  • Study of the phases, history, and underpinning of Intuition Painting®

  • Practice of the methods, principles, mantras, and meditations

  • Individual mentoring from Master Intuition Painting® Facilitators with 30 yrs combined experience

  • Private Online Facebook Group

  • Co-listening practice

  • Deep personal creative process work

  • Opportunities to assist a weekend workshop or retreat



  • Master Your Own Creative Process:

    • Expand your intuition, imagination, and insight

    • Break through creative blocks

    • Evolve your personal practice

    • Initiate a creative practice for self care

    • Tap into the brilliance of your Inner Muse

    • Bond with a like-hearted tribe of creatives

    • Authentic communal Support

  • Adopt the Philosophy and Traditions of Intuition Painting®:

    • Experience of the full depth, breadth, and benefits of Intuition Painting®

    • Discover the uniquely powerful place Intuition Painting® occupies on the spectrum of Expressive Intuition Arts

    • Gain a working knowledge of major historical developments in the field of Expressive Intuition

    • Recognize the difference between directive and non-directive creative activities


  • 5-day Launch Immersion Retreat: June 2019

  • 5 online Intuition Painting sessions: Sundays between June & August (15 hours of didactic sessions)

  • 5-day Closing Immersion Retreat: August 2019

This was the best investment in self I have done.
— Participant, 2018 IFPC


Intuition Painting® Personal Immersion Course: $2750

  • The deposit is $500

  • The deposit not refundable within 90 days of program start

  • Accommodations and meals for the onsite 5-days retreats are each approximately $550

  • Not included in pricing are flights

Course Prerequisites:

  • Application

  • Interview

About the Course Facilitators:

Montine Blank: (Program Director, Facilitator, & Professional Coach): An Intuition Painting® Master Facilitator with 20 years experience, founder of Paint Awake™, and Certified Transformational Coach at The More You.

Pamela Hawkins (Facilitator, Training Mentor & Program Consultant):  Artist and Art Medicine Woman, Pamela Hawkins is a Master Intuition Painting® facilitator, writer, and presenter.

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