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2018 Facilitator Training: Join a Creative Revolution


Facilitator Training & Certification:
Intuition Painting™ for Passion, Power, & Potential


Do you want to lead a unique, alchemical creative process that delivers Personal Empowerment and Transformation to others?

Would you like to take part in a movement to return ART back to its rightful place in our culture? As a powerful path to nurturing, growth, connection, and transformation? As a hidden map to our inner landscape, higher knowing, and radical insights?

Are you ready to integrate intuitive creativity into your life path and work as a teacher, artist, therapist, healer, spiritual leader, coach, or mentor?

As a certified facilitator of Intuition Painting™, you will be able guide others through a one-of-a-kind creative process for emotional freedom, awakened creativity, empowerment, and inspiration.

About the Program:

Master Transformational Intuition Painting™ Facilitator, Montine Blank, with 19 years experience has collaborated with other celebrated IP Facilitators Elise Crohn and Pamela Hawkins to design a one-of-a-kind intensive Facilitator Training Certification Program to begin in June 2018, spanning 4 months in the United States.

    The program will cover the principles, methods, mantras, process, and meditations of Intuition Painting™ as well as group facilitation skills, and business launch models, marketing, & management.

    The program offers tools and resources from A-Z for those who want to lead workshops and events, so that you will not have to start from scratch.  Whether you intend to grow your business or just want to experience deep personal transformation, you are invited to apply for the training. Space is limited to 8 participants.

    Program Elements include:

    • 200+ hours of Hands-On Live & Online Training Modules
    • Facilitator Skills
    • Personal Immersion in the Process
    • Repository of Tools & Resources for getting started
    • Custom Business Launch Plan
    • Marketing & Communications Strategy
    • One-on-One Mentoring by one or more of three Master Intuition Painting™ Facilitators, pictured below
    • Communal Support

    I've always been interested in using art to help people ...

    You've been interested in facilitating art as a therapeutic outlet, but what you have found are multi-year courses that cost tens of thousands of dollars and require burdensome time commitments.

    I'd like to incorporate art into my current practice...

    You are already in a helping profession, and want to incorporate this work in order to attract clients and expand your offerings in the field of well-being.

    I might like this training just for me...

    There are those of you who will want to participate in this incredible experience as a means of experiencing deeply transformative healing work for yourself.  There is no requirement to facilitate after completing the training.

    The Structure:

    The Training Program is divided into 3 phases:

      Learn the Methodology, Applications, & Benefits of Intuition Painting™
      Receive Training, Preparation, & Practice
      Gain Knowledge of Business & Marketing Strategies, Launch Tools

    About Each Phase:

      Methodology, Applications, & Benefits of Intuition Painting™

      A certified Intuition Painting™ facilitator has evolved and matured emotionally as a direct result of working through this process.

      The training ensures you complete ample hours in your own Intuition Painting™ process. You will learn to conquer your own fears around authentic expression with heART and compassion. You will learn how to consistently blast through creative blocks, so that the faith you have in your own wellspring of creativity is strengthens your confidence when teaching others to do the same. As your belief in the process takes root, you will be more adept at staying present, while guiding others, and holding safe space.
      Training, Preparation, & Practice

      A certified Intuition Painting™ facilitator has learned an exemplary means for guiding others through this intuitive creative process. 

      Through observing and practicing group facilitation with mentors and Master Facilitators, you will master leading individuals and groups in Intuition Painting™. Upon certification, you will understand how to create and hold a sacred space while advancing participants through multiple stages of the intuitive creative process. You will be able to handle challenges that arise while balancing the energy of the whole group.

      You will sense how and when to intervene and offer guidance to participants in their creative process, and when to patiently let the process do it’s own work.

      And finally, you will come away with the skills needed to run a variety of related offerings: from introductory workshops, to online or in-person class series and retreats.

      Alternate mediums, Marketing Strategy, Launch Tools

      A certified Intuition Painting™ facilitator knows how to prepare, market, and fill classes, individual sessions, workshops, collaborations, and retreats.

      For those who will launch Intuition Painting™ as classes, workshops or retreats, we offer a myriad of tools, tips, best practices, documentation, open-source database of templates and resources, communication guidelines, and strategies. In the business phase of the training you will learn from 20 years’ experience of turning a passion for teaching intuitive creativity as a personal awareness practice into sustainable businesses. Additional coaching is also available post training to hone and develop your entrepreneurial skills.


    Gain Certification in Intuition Painting™ Facilitation:

    • Earn the right to use Intuition Painting™ Branding in your business
    • Join a circle of supportive, well-trained Intuition Painting™ facilitators who will work in unified support of your personal & professional goals around Intuition Painting™

    Learn how to run an Intuitive Art Business:

    • Discover how you can create multiple streams of income from your Intuitive Art Business to reach your financial goals doing what you love
    • Receive a head start with the forms, letters, contracts, and agreements you need to smoothly and easily manage your business
    • Get coached on “best practices” to launch and grow your heART centered business from website to social media to promotions to collaborations

    Adopt the Philosophy and Traditions of Expressive Intuition Art:

    • Discover the uniquely powerful place Transformational Intuition Painting occupies on the spectrum of Expressive Intuition Arts
    • Gain a working knowledge of major historical developments in the field ofExpressive Intuition
    • Determine depth and types of workshops you will offer in your practice
    • Recognize the difference between directive and non-directive creative activities
    • Become competent in the non-directive approach to creative facilitation

    Grow in your role as a leader, facilitator and coach: 

    • Acquire the skills, tools, knowledge and practice to lead Intuition Painting groups
    • Become an outstanding facilitator of intuitive creativity, leading your clients and workshop participants to powerful insight and transformation
    • Learn how to “hold safe space” for yourself and clients in all stages of the creative process
    • Develop your own personal style of facilitating within the container of Transformative Intuition Painting as you move towards self-actualizing as a leader
    • Learn proven and tested workshop formats from one hour mini lecture/experiences to seven-day retreats to online and in-person coaching sessions and packages

    Master Your Own Creative Process:

    • Hone your intuition, imagination, and insight
    • Break through creative blocks
    • Evolve your personal practice
    • Initiate a creative practice for self care
    • Tap into the brilliance of your Inner Muse
    • Bond with a like-hearted tribe creatives

    Who does the Intuition Painting™ Facilitation Training serve?

    People from many different walks of life, professional fields and levels of art experience can benefit from and utilize the unique experiential training of the Transformational Intuition Painting™ Facilitator Training.  Whether you join the program primarily for professional or personal goals, your life will be transformed and enlivened by this extraordinary creative process. 

    Are you a life coach?
    Adding intuitive creative modalities to your coaching tool kit can help to dramatically shift your clients from over-thinking and intellectualizing to direct contact with their soul purpose and path to reach it. Coaching through creativity is a fast-growing segment in the industry today. Intuition Painting is effectively coaching through art.

    Are you a therapist or social worker?
    Are you searching for a way to supplement your traditional work with clients? Would you like to learn new effective and fun ways to practice self-care for yourself and your clients? Can you imagine teaching workshops where painting becomes profound personal transformation with your clients? This facilitation training will help you open new doors and deeper levels of awareness, empowerment, and transformation for clients.

    Are you an artist or art educator? 
    Many people arrive at the door of an expressive art studio as refugees from their own art education!  If you are yearning for a direct un-premeditated experience of your creative energy (like you used to have as a kid) without the baggage that often came along with a degree in art or art education this training is for you! In the Intuition Painting training you will first recover and enhance your own joy in the creative process and then learn how to teach others in a way that does not restrict creativity to “how-to’s”, “craftsmanship” and sale-ability.

    Are you experiencing a life transition?
    Many people find transitions in life to be the perfect time to realign with their long lost muse. Transformational Intuition Painting can be a powerful segue to a new life path and career that combines your love of creativity with your desire to help others align with their own passion and purpose.  You can learn how to use the Transformational Intuition Painting process to burn through stagnant energy, stale ideas, and “ruts” of living that are ready to be released. As your being fills with fresh creative energy and your mind opens to bright clarity you will learn all the nuts and bolts of creating a safe sacred space for your own creative work and to teach others.

    Are you a spiritual leader, shaman, or seeker looking for new tools for spiritual growth?
    Transformational Intuition Painting training you will learn how creating art as a meditation can lead to profound mindfulness, self awareness, and transcendence. For some, painting, becomes the preferred method of meditation capable of revealing and healing the limitations of the ego and wounds of the soul that may be clouding development on the spiritual path. The Transformational Intuition Painting process can be organized and facilitated as a means of spiritual practice used by spiritual directors, clergy, and lay people for their own self care and a potent modality for clients.

    Are you a personal development warrior?
    Recovering your natural creative imagination offers a new frontier in healing and personal evolutions, and some say the most rewarding journey of all. Beyond finding and fixing faults, beyond perfection, beyond becoming “better” is a vast land of authentic, genuine self expression where the true wonder of being a human being is explored and appreciated. If you are ready for this unlimited journey – this training may be right for you!

    Training Breakdown:

    2018 Intuition Painting™ Facilitator Training includes 200+ hours of onsite training, didactics, ongoing Q&As, facilitation mentoring, personal practice, & coaching. The training includes:

    • Training Schedule:
      • 5-day Launch Retreat in Joshua Tree, California:  June 6-10, 2018
      • 7 online webinars: Sundays between June & September (21 hours of didactics)
      • 5-day Closing Retreat in Joshua Tree, California: September 25-30th, 2018
    • Master Intuition Facilitators as teachers & mentors with 55 yrs combined experience 
    • Private Online Facebook Group
    • 4 hours individual coaching & mentoring
    • Hands on facilitation practice (online & in person)
    • Business model & sales funnel support
    • Marketing strategy
    • Business Resources (Communications, legal, promotions, etc)
    • 6 weeks of online painting practice
    • RC counseling training & sessions
    • Deep personal creative process work
    • Opportunities to assist a weekend workshop or retreat
    • Training for a variety online and in person offerings
    • Introduction to alternate mediums & processes



    • $5,975 US
    • The deposit is $2500 and is not refundable, but is applied to tuition once accepted into the program

    * Not included in pricing are flights & accommodations for the onsite immersive retreats.  Food and lodging fees are approximately $850+ for onsite retreats.

    Training Prerequisites:

    • Application
    • Essay
    • Interview
    • 1 Intuition Painting Workshop or Retreat

    If you are interested, please start the application process here:

    About the trainers:

    Montine Blank: (Program Director, Lead Facilitator, & Professional Coach): An Intuition Painting Master Facilitator, founder of Paint Awake™, and Certified Transformational Coach at The More You.

    Elise Crohn (Trainee Mentor & Program Consultant):  Founder of Juicy Creatives Studio and Intuition Painting Master Facilitator with 20+ years experience.

    Pamela Hawkins (Trainee Mentor & Program Consultant):  Artist and Art Medicine Woman, Pamela Hawkins is a Master Intuition Painting facilitator, writer, and presenter.

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