My Hope for Us


Reconnect with Your Creative Intuition

May this process reach those of us yearning to recapture a sense of intuitive magic, reconnect with their playful, imaginative spirit, and unfurl their inner world. Intuitive process painting will ask that you show up with bravery and openness, but requires only that you play with colors and a paintbrush. Once here, you will remember how … and you will quickly realize why. You will rejoice in the unfolding of tightly wound inner spaces. Eventually you will glide into lucid painting as if it were a dream you’ve been having all along. Your creative self will light up. You will discover the ease in expressing for self-awareness and feel more grateful to all that life is offering. You will find your unique visual voice. You will know your own wise softness. You will experience greater dimensionality to life and being. You will reconnect to your radiant, creative self.

Your Personal Narnia

For those who are new to this way of painting, may you be willing to reach far beyond all that has been told to you about the purpose and value of art. Here you can venture through a new door to explore you and your life through color and form. I hope to reach those who have long lived as they were told, but are ready to expand beyond what has been delivered by following others' instructions. By participating in the workshops, retreats, or private sessions, I hope you gain a method, tools, and mantras to get you started and keep your creative intuition present, brave, open, and willing for all of life.  

I offer this way of art-making to all of us who want to paint beyond pretty and create fiercely so that we can know and honor our true selves and discover our inner art-maker.

Intuitive Process Painting is for all creatives, including:
- People who get it
- People who used to
- People who want to
- People who fear they can’t

With Creative Juju,

What is Intuitive Painting?

The simplest definition of Intuitive Painting is “free, intuitive expression through the medium of paint.” It is you expressing you, in the powerful, innocent way a child expresses her- or himself but with the added depth of a lifetime of experiences. It is not so much about creating something as it is about releasing what blocks you from your ability to express your true self and your natural creativity. The power and purpose of Intuitive Painting is simply to bypass emotional and energy blocks in the “inner artist” and open up channels of innate creativity and authentic emotional self-expression.

How does it Work?

These sessions invite you to explore with pure creative freedom and express authentically using paint on life-sized easels. By focusing on the process not the product, we let go of perfection, comparison, and control and start trusting our intuition, both inside the studio and out.

Practicing raw expression through the medium of paint, we release, restore, and ground ourselves; we can swiftly process emotional blocks; and we reconnect to sacred wisdom, making way for clarity and new possibilities.

Participants of Intuitive Painting experience connection with their own creative imagination, a feeling of rejuvenation, and a deeper sense of connection with themselves. Read Testimonials.

The Practice

The practice of Intuitive Art allows you to be intimate and compassionate with yourself, know your deepest needs, and learn to love and treat yourself better. Making art in this way is an amazing tool for discovering your joys, your fears, your wisdom, your self-talk and your blocks. What you bring to the canvas highlights what you bring into your life, how you show up in relationship with yourself, how you hinder or shame yourself, how you get stuck in comparison or perfection, and how you can get around these blocks with new paradigms, trust and practice.

The Results:

  • Let go of perfection & control;
  • Strengthen intuition;
  • Discover your unique visual voice;
  • Feel more energized and empowered;
  • Increase your personal vitality;
  • Reveal limiting beliefs;
  • Release the pressure to perform;
  • Break through creative blocks;
  • Practice mindfulness in a dynamic process;
  • Transform unconscious patterns that don't serve you.

I’ve found the act of making art intuitively quickly becomes a metaphor for your life. Like the saying “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”. The studio becomes the perfect environment for releasing old fears, growing intuition, practicing self-kindness, and freeing your inner joy.
— Montine