What is Intuition Painting®?

Intuition Painting® is a personal development and well-being practice that helps people awaken, expand, and empower their true selves by connecting to their intuitive, creative flow and expressing spontaneously.

Artists and non-artists alike use Intuition Painting® to develop their intuition, balance their mental states, grow in personal and spiritual awareness, explore the unconscious, heal from emotional pain, integrate lost elements of self, improve their outlook on life, discover their unique visual voice, and gain access to boundless creativity.  

Combining guided meditation, creativity coaching, personal inquiry, and reflective movement, Intuition Painters learn how to stay focused solely on the process while painting free-style on large-scale paper, without any preconceived ideas or concerns for the resulting product. This approach sidesteps one’s inner judge and connects the painter with their intuitive guidance, so that unplanned forms and figures from the unconscious can appear.

Described as “dreaming on paper,” “the yoga of art-making”, and “creative soul exfoliation”, Intuition Painting® is personally transformative, helping people to become more grounded, confident, authentic versions of themselves.

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Empowering Your Intuition

As its name suggests, Intuition Painting® enhances your ability to discern your intuitive voice and let it drive your creative process. You practice staying fully engaged in the moment, open to possibility at all times. Color choices and brush strokes arise from your stream of consciousness and change with each moment. When you begin, there is plan in mind and you create spontaneously until the painting absolutely feels complete.

Can I Really Do This?

Yes, you can.

Intuition Painting® is you expressing you, in the energizing, innocent way a child expresses her- or himself, but with the added depth of a lifetime of experiences. It is not so much about creating a “thing” as it is about releasing blocks to your natural creativity. The power and purpose of Intuition Painting® is to open up channels to authentic creative expression.

Intuition Painting® asks that you show up with bravery and openness, but requires only that you play with colors and a paintbrush. Once here, you will remember how...and you will soon realize why. You will relish the unfolding of tightly wound inner spaces. You will discover lucid painting — and it will feel as if you are painting a dream you’ve been having all along. Your creative self will light up. You will find peace and gratitude. You will free up your unique visual voice and you will reconnect to your radiant, creative self.

For those who are new to this way of painting, I am inviting you to reach far beyond what has been told to you about the purpose and value of art, and venture through a new door to explore yourself and your inner landscape through color and form. In this approach you will gain a methodology, tools, and mantras to strengthen your intuitive creativity.

Benefits of the Practice

Intuition Painting® offers a path to creative and personal freedom. The results are not intended to be judged in any way; instead they become a visual diary and source of knowing for the painter. 

Making art from intuition is an amazing tool for personal development because what you bring to the canvas mirrors what you bring to yourself including: how you show up in relationship with yourself, how you hinder or block yourself, how you compare yourself to others, how you get stuck trying to achieve perfection, and how to get around these blocks with awareness, trust and practice.

The practice of Intuition Painting® helps you to be more kind and compassionate with yourself, unearth your deepest needs, and learn to live from a more empowered place.

The Results:

  • Let go of perfection & control;

  • Strengthen intuition;

  • Discover your unique visual voice;

  • Feel more energized and empowered;

  • Increase your personal vitality;

  • Reveal limiting beliefs;

  • Release the pressure to perform;

  • Break through creative blocks;

  • Practice mindfulness in a dynamic process;

  • Transform unconscious patterns that don't serve you.

I’ve found the act of making art intuitively quickly becomes a metaphor for your life. Like the saying “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”. The studio becomes the perfect environment for releasing old fears, growing intuition, practicing self-kindness, and freeing your inner joy.
— Montine