IAA Facebook Group Guidelines

Welcome!  Our alliance is for facilitators of intuitive process painting* who promote personal and creative well-being.  We are here to connect and network with one another, support each other, grow our numbers, share resources, develop ethics guidelines, improve our businesses and services, and showcase our work, so we can develop a thriving, global intuitive process painting community.

* PLEASE NOTE: Other names for intuitive process painting include intuitive painting, process painting, process arts, source painting, painting from the inner fire, expressive painting, soul painting, transformational process painting, insight painting, spontaneous painting, and more.

Posting Guidelines:

  1. Kindly introduce yourself when you join us on Facebook and let us know what you do.
  2. Please treat the FB forum as sharing/learning/resource page, and not a marketing platform (except Mondays, see next point) to recruit attendees. Of course it may be appropriate to share your services within and existing posts in answer to questions or requests.
  3. MONDAY MARKETING DAY: We invite sharing of all your upcoming events and offerings on Mondays. Otherwise, on any other day, avoid marketing with stand alone ads or posts.

Ethics Guidelines:

The IAA is creating Ethics Guidelines for facilitators within our field in order to create a healthy, trusting community across facilitators and among our participants.  Ethics Guidelines include suggestions like: "Provide contact information for therapy resources as needed", "Include a disclaimer on your marketing materials",  "Respect other facilitators' branding" and "Ask before using verbiage or imagery from another facilitator's event."  We would love to hear your thoughts!  Please send your input via email to: ethics@paintawake.com

Share Locations & Resources:

Do you have a studio or know of a great location for other facilitators to use or rent when they are giving workshops in your area?  Please send the details to locations@paintawake.com

Get Listed:

We will be creating a resource page for Intuitive Process Painting facilitators.  To be listed publicly with a link to your website, social medial or other online presence, please click on the button below.


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