Paint Awake is a great way to learn to let go. :-) I loved the colour throughout ... it’s life giving.
— Anonymous note from reader
Montine’s work is absolutely brilliant! Check out her beautiful, inspiring eBook. If you want to be more creative in ANY AREA of your life, this is true source material.
— George Herrick, Artist & Master Coach

An Invitation to Look Again

Welcome. You are invited to read about intuitive process where we explore our inner worlds creatively, seek positive growth, witness authenticity and without judgement, and support whole-heartedness. Kindly allow yourself access to this surprising, curious path to creative expansion, greater awareness, compassion, and transformation. Be served by its depth, its mystery, and its power.

In research, it's become clear how well-meaning people in Western Society may have dulled our creative potential and clipped our natural abilities to gain insights, healing, and personal transformation through creative means. The Primer and Activity guide "Paint Awake: Discover Yourself Creatively" was written to prick through societal numbing and reawaken our true creative nature, so that we may live in a richer, more colorful and dynamic world.