Body Prismatic Portraits™

A Heart-Opening Creative Experience

This fantabalcious (new!) workshop for adults is a lively exploration into the colorful landscape of you and your colorful inner world.  Let your creative spirit soar in a judgement free zone.  Come paint your "super self" with energizing music.  No art skills required!

Color Your Radiant Self!

Recent Body Prismatic Portraits™ by Elise @ Juicy Creatives with Grammy-nominee drummer Michael Moses!

Draw on creative intuition to play and discover your imaginative self. 

This workshop lifts spirits, bringing us back to smiles and laughter. As we paint together, it is awesome to watch expressions shift from feeling "just OK" to a full-grinning "Yes!".

What are Body Prismatic Portraits™?

This feel-good creativity workshop is for those of us who love stepping out of routine, soaking up a good time, and letting ourselves lighten and get refreshed.

These happiness boosting sessions serve up:
*** All the paint colors imaginable,
*** Large body-length sheets of paper,
*** A free space with no judgment or critiques
*** Creativity coaching and facilitation

How it Works

Choosing poses, we outline our forms onto life-size paper.  This outline gives you a compelling place to start your creative journey.  After a little creativity coaching we use a series of prompts that inspire us to flow with shapes colors, words, doodles and oodles of paint to express ourselves freely. Even if you have NEVER lifted a paint brush before you will find yourself having a blast..


Body Prismatic Portraits™ was designed in collaboration with the Intuitive Art Alliance founders Montine Blank, Elise Crohn, and Pam Hawkins.