About Geneva Montine Blank

Montine Blank, photo by Jens Lucking

Montine Blank, photo by Jens Lucking

Creativity Pusher. Right-brain Whisperer. Permission Giver

An Intuition Painting Master Facilitator and Certified Transformational Coach with over fifteen years experience and multiple degrees and certifications, I offer classes, workshops, retreats, and coaching to individuals and groups.  I split my time between the US and Italy, gallivanting as much as possible in between!

How I Got Here

The first place I felt free and fully authentic was in the painting studio, where I could explore my creativity and discover my own visual voice.  Images appeared that tapped into my inner joy, relieved old wounds, and awakened a fresh love for living.

I have used this process to work myself out of stuck places, nurture my creative spirit, play and dance with abandon, and summon my personal power. Expressing freely with images and colors, I have reawakened the artist I left behind in childhood, decoded mysteries from dream-like imagery, and developed a thirst for openness and wholeness in my life.


What I See

Everyone was born to create, to live life with passion and zest. When we were children, we automatically colored and expressed spontaneously with joy and great imagination - but most of us lost that capacity.

So, what happened?

Our 'left brain' culture trains and rewards us for linear and logical activities such a reading, writing and arithmetic, but does not evenly encourage non-linear, intuitive processing - - key elements for true creativity and problem-solving. The one-sided approach is not ideal, as both sides of the brain are integral to optimal mental functioning. 

Through painting, dance, music and other creative modes, we can learn to strengthen our right brain and improve our whole brain processing.

Education & Training

I have a degree in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, a Master in International Business from U.S.C., and completed the 2- yr. certification program for Transformational Process Painting through PFTS.

I am also a certified Transformational Coach, with The Life Coaching Institute. More about professional coaching offerings can be found here: The More You

My previous corporate careers have included global marketing, executive training, management consulting, and strategic communications with companies such as Accenture and Publicis Groupe.  In addition, I have launched several successful small businesses and co-founded a non-profit organization.