Why is creative intuition important? Emotional intelligence and creativity are two of the most talked about topics in science, business, sociology, psychology, economics, health and a host of other arenas today. Countless recent studies show that healthy emotions and creativity each have a far-reaching positive – and profound – impact on areas such as brain function, social interaction, general health, and outlook on life, just to name a few. They help increase problem-solving abilities while decreasing stress, anxiety and even depression. In the fields of expressive or process arts, Intuitive Painting is at the forefront of this work.

Brush Before Brain

Accessing your creative intuitive flow requires letting go of perfection, planning, comparison, and getting it "right".  When you can bypass this inner critic and all the accompanying circuitry, you can relax, unwind, and come to a peaceful state. From this place of less stress, you to gain more perspective and clarity.

Get into Your Right Mind

When we get an 'aha' or a creative thought bubbles up, our right brain hemisphere has been talking to us. As opposed to our more linear, logical left brain, our right brain's spontaneous, big-picture, pattern-seeking ability is considered to be your creative center.  Studies show visual exercises such as painting or drawing strengthen your right brain and improve whole brain functioning. 

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Turn Your Creativity On

Most people would love to tap into their creativity on demand.  We have all had times when we were wrestling with what seemed to be an impossible problem, and suddenly an "aha" came to our aid, presenting a perfect solution. Usually these aha's pop in randomly - even long after you finished hours of hard concentration.  Whether you are dealing with work challenges or personal goals, wouldn't it be nice to have tools and techniques to facilitate a "Eureka Moment" when you need one? PYGO! Classes will introduce you to tools and techniques that enable you to engage your creative side when needed.
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Student Doodle given as a "Thank You!" for having her Creativity Re-awakened in an Intuitive Painting™ Workshop.

Student Doodle given as a "Thank You!" for having her
Creativity Re-awakened in an Intuitive Painting™ Workshop.

Trust the Creative Process 

For everyone the creative process has a cycle of emergence, destruction, and re-emergence or simply said life, death, rebirth. In all kinds of art-making, there may be images that arise, are covered over or erased, and re-emerge on the page.  With intuitive art-making, you learn to let go of the need to control these images and instead learn to let them lead you. Learning to trust the process in art-making can improve your own resilience in the world.

While participating in the Intuition Painting® viewing and sharing process, you will learn to avoid projecting your own ideas and assumptions onto others' creations and instead recognize these musings as insights for yourself. 

Connect Meaning-Fully

Getting in touch with your inner artist yields greater self-awareness and results in deeper compassion for yourself and others.  When sharing in the art-making and debriefing process, the group connects on a rich, inspiring level. 

Any creative effort can be threatened and often derailed by our inner critic.  These sessions teach you how to recognize when the inner critic has arrived and how to rid yourself of his or her impact, thereby allowing a sense of consistent flow to evolve.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Especially in our Intuition Painting® workshops people find clarity, perspective, direction, and unmasking. They often experience both a feeling of release and a greater sense wholeness.