A Path to Boundless Creativity & Personal Transformation

Words like ‘awesome’ and ‘incredible’ just don’t cut it. My heart, my soul — my entire me — was moved beyond all that I could have imagined. Truly the most heartfelt emotions stirred inside me.
— Maryanne, Joshua Tree 2018

Escape from every-day-life and join a circle of like-hearted people in dynamic, inspiring journeys for personal well-being.

Communicating with our unconscious self through creative intuition and authentic expression yields extraordinary results; we begin linking our dream state with our waking self, so that we are more centered, defined, integrated, and self-aware.

Creating from intuition is for everyone Unlike art classes you may have experienced, our workshops and retreats focus solely on the process instead of the product. This allows you to stay outside of judgement while you apply colors and forms freely, staying mindful and curious in each moment.  The process becomes almost like dreaming on paper - images and colors bubble up, expand, take shape, and morph - without any preconceived expectations. Learn more about Our Approach and read almost two decades of testimonials.

Intuition Painting® has been delivered to thousands of individuals and groups for growth and inspiration since 2001.

I initially wanted to see if I could paint. I’d always wanted to but was afraid to put brush to paper because I was afraid of the failure. Montine helped me get over that fear as well as my own expectation of producing something beautiful. What came out may not have been objectively beautiful, but finding an outlet for my soul was fulfilling and satisfying beyond any success or wealth that I’ve achieved in this world.
— Anonymous, L.A. Fall 2017

Experience Creative Wellness.

Your paintings become visual stories, offering insights about your inner landscape and access to your own intuitive wisdom.  Benefits extend well beyond your time in the painting studio, as you discover how following intuition brings ease and flow into other parts of your life.

So many people tell me they are not artistic and yet - after just one intuitive art class - immediately resonate with the deep, personal gifts possible through a creative process.
— Montine

Feed your creative fire, find your flow, and free your inner muse.

Get colorful in your quest for larger-than-life experiences, while growing your artistic side and honoring your need for self-care.

Using creative intuition to shift back into wholeness, you can truly relax and let go. You'll move through fears and blocks to reveal your unstoppable creativity and unique visual voice. 

Intuition Painting® delivers profound personal and artistic breakthroughs. Our time together will be unlike anything you have ever experienced, rich with laughter, surprise & delight.

Making art intuitively quickly becomes a metaphor for life. Like the saying “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”, what you bring to the canvas highlights what you bring into relationship with yourself.

The studio becomes the perfect environment for releasing inhibitions, growing intuition, practicing self-kindness, and tapping inner joy.
— Montine

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